On-Call Land Surveying Professional Services

for Southern Services Center

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O’Day Consultants was selected by the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation for asneeded land surveying services at various state parks managed through the Southern Services Center. We were selected based on our experience with digital terrain modeling, photogrammetry, aerial mapping surveys, GIS, topographic surveys/mapping, and surveying to assist in site analysis for design purposes and ownership boundary determination. Work orders issued under this contract will survey state parks/beaches, recreation areas, historic/cultural sites, wilderness areas, and nature reserves/preserves.

Work Order #1 for the Carpinteria ADA Phase 2 Survey was issued in January 2015. This project is part of the statewide program to enhance the Parks experience for all visitors by removing barriers and improving access to State Park programs and facilities. O’Day surveyors are obtaining accurate existing topographic data for the Santa Rosa and San Miguel campgrounds at Carpinteria State Beach, to allow State Parks to design a new building and related improvements. Our work involves technical research for horizontal and vertical control and benchmarks, performing a topographic survey of the project area using a combination of aerial and ground surveying methods. We will also prepare an aerial map showing surface elevations, horizontal locations, and the following features:

  • Sewer Lines/Water Lines/Storm Drains
  • Buildings
  • Circulation Controls
  • Curbs and Dikes
  • Dry Utilities (Electrical/Telephone/Natural Gas)
  • Fences and Walls
  • ​Fixed Site Amenities/Furnishings
  • Landscaping
  • Pavements
  • Sidewalks/Bike Paths/Hardscape
  • Spot Elevations

Our final task for Work Order #1 will be to analyze and evaluate findings and prepare a complete Topographic Survey Exhibit.

California State Parks


Not to exceed $200,000