City of Carlsbad

2000 - 2001

Cannon Road West*

Streets/Roadways, Stormwater/Drainage, Public Works/CIP

Project Owner:   

Period of Performance:

Cannon Road is a major arterial (8,750 lineal feet) connecting Interstate 5 to El Camino Real in Carlsbad. O’Day Consultants provided construction design plans and specifications for a 102 foot-wide roadway. The project included two bridges, the widening of a third bridge, the improvement of the Agua Hedionda channel and the retrofit widening of El Camino Real including box culvert extensions.

The scope of work included design preparation of plans for the roadway, raised median, grading, street lighting, flood control channel, storm drain, sewer, water and recycled water, in-house analysis of hydrology and storm drain hydraulics, earthwork, cost estimates, and right-of-way work.  Routing the water line through the main bridge was accomplished by designing a split system that fit into the bridge cells.  The smaller bridge required a design that routed a dual-line system on the outside of the bridge.​

The project concerns addressed and solutions provided by O'Day Consultants included:

  • Multiple owners with conflicting goals created a requirement for intense coordination between the owners and the City.
  • Major land ownership by San Diego Gas & Electric placed it in a position to dictate unusual conditions upon the plan and right-of-way design, such as locating its existing facilities well outside of the project boundaries, exhibits for easements, and detailed access plans.
  • Environmental constraints required locating the Agua Hedionda channel and wetlands and creating alternative alignments and protective buffers.

* American Society of Civil Engineers Award of Merit