• Hydrologic & Hydraulic studies
  • Earthwork Calculations
  • Additional Fire Hydrants and Related Piping Plans
  • Construction Support

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM)



Arts Building & Science Hall 2

Educational Facilities

Project Owner:


​Construction Value:

The Arts building was built as part of a second phase to the original construction of the original campus buildings that were built in 1992. This second phase added the Arts Building and Science Hall 2. The addition of the Arts building gave CSUSM the ability to provide Dance, Studio Art and Theater Arts spaces. The addition of Science Hall 2 provided additional laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as provided computer labs for Computer Science and Mathematics.

Civil engineering and surveying services provided by O'Day Consultants for the project included: 

  • Aerial Topographic Survey
  • Field Topographic Survey for Utility Location
  • Field Surveying & Office Calculations
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control Plans 
  • Precise Grading & Drainage Plans