LEGOLAND Drive/Armada Drive Street Improvements*

Streets/Roadways, Stormwater/Drainage, Roundabout

Project Owner:

Period of Performance:

O’Day Consultants was the prime consultant providing civil engineering design and survey/mapping services for the Carlsbad Ranch development in Carlsbad, which includes the LEGOLAND® California Resort. Our engineers developed comprehensive plans and construction documents for street improvements; surface improvements; water, recycled water, sewer, and storm drain utilities; traffic signal plans; signing and striping; traffic  control; and landscaping and irrigation plans. 

The plans included major infrastructure improvements on-site and off-site. The on-site improvements included the construction of 5,460 feet of arterial roadway and 3,620 feet of collector streets. Design for the arterial roads included a roundabout at the intersection of LEGOLAND Drive and Armada Drive, as well as median islands and street calming parking bays for parallel parking on Armada Drive. Design plans for storm drains along a portion of LEGOLAND Drive were developed, as well as improvement plans to accommodate the upcoming roundabout. The original grading plan was revised to reflect the roundabout design.

The off-site improvements included the design of the full-width construction of over 2,000 feet of a 102 foot wide major arterial, and the widening of over 1,800 feet of portions of the existing roadway. The scope also included full intersection improvements, widening of interstate on-ramps and off-ramps and traffic signal modifications.​

A summary of services provided for this street improvement project included:

  • Street Improvement Plans
  • Topographic Survey
  • Utilities & Infrastructure Coordination
  • Survey Cross-Sections
  • Grading Plans
  • ​Erosion Control Plans
  • Cost Estimates

* Caltrans 2002 Excellence In Transportation award winner.

  • ​​Construction Bidding Support
  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Signing & Striping Plans
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Traffic Signal Modification Plan
  • As-Build Drawings

Carltas Company

1996 - 2000