• Project Management
  • Bicycle Facilities/Bike Lanes
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Raised Intersection/Speed Table
  • On-Street Parking
  • Landscapes Medians
  • BMP/LID/Bio-retention Basins


2011 - present


Otay Ranch East Urban Center (EUC) Street Improvements

Streets/Roadways, Stormwater/Drainage,  Residential

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Period of Performance:

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The Otay Ranch Eastern Urban Center development in Chula Vista, California—a SANDAG Smart Growth Urban Center—is a future 210-acre community of flexible districts, including an office district, a retail “main street,” residential neighborhoods, and mixed-use areas. This community provides integrated connection to a proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and an enhanced pedestrian circulation system. O’Day Consultants is designing street improvement plans with architectural features such as, planters and pedestrian lighting to create a sense of place. The following list highlights the services being provided for the project:

  • Street Improvement Plans
  • Architectural Exhibits/Features
  • Drainage Improvement Plans
  • Signing & Striping Plans
  • Landscaping/Irrigation Plans
  • Utility Adjustment/Relocation Plans
  • General Construction Permit Documents/SWPPP
  • Erosion Control Plans

For Artisan Street (Millenia Avenue to Orion Avenue), our engineers coordinated with the team’s landscape architect to incorporate design elements such as, landscaped medians and bio-retention basins. The design also includes a raised intersection (essentially a speed table) with bulb outs to increase pedestrian safety.​